SpiritCrafts is proud to offer a large selection of unique craft beads incuding one of the largest selections of skull beads on the web! Craft supplies make great gifts for everyone! Try decorating a candle made from one of our skull candle molds with our unique skull beads for a sure eye catcher!


OUR NATURAL, FIBER OPTIC AND GLASS BEADS ARE CONSIDERED CLASS 1 UNDER CALIFORNIA LAW. Class one items are suitable for inclusion in retail jewelry. Glass crystal and fiber optics (cat's eye) contain lead oxide (PbO), but this does not pose the same threat as metallic lead (Pb).

Stainless or surgical steel Karat gold Sterling silver Platinum, palladium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium or osmium Natural or cultured pearls Glass, including fiber optics (cat's eye) Cloisonné Leaded-glass crystal, including rhinestones Cubic zirconia or cubic zirconium (CZ) Cut & polished gemstones** Ceramics Elastic, fabric, ribbon or rope (unless lead has been intentionally added & it is listed in Class 2) Natural materials, including amber, bone, coral, feathers, fur, horn, leather, shell and wood (unless lead has been intentionally added)

OUR PEWTER BEADS ARE CONSIDERED CLASS 2 UNDER CALIFORNIA LAW. Class 2 items are suitable for use in retail jewelry even though they might contain small amounts of lead. See below for allowable levels. Electroplated metal alloys, including white plate, yellow plate, silver plate, gold plate, copper plate, antiqued platings, etc., provided they contain: < 10% lead by weight on or before 8/30/2009 < 6% lead by weight after 8/30/2009 Unplated metals that contain less than 1.5% lead (for example, solid copper, raw brass sheet or wire, nickel silver, titanium and niobium)

Gold fill, which is not electroplated, but mechanically bonded using heat and pressure

Plastic or rubber, including acrylic, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), provided they contain: < 0.06% (600 ppm) lead by weight on or before 8/30/2009 < 0.02% (200 ppm) lead by weight after 8/30/2009

ANY BEADS THAT ARE CLASS 3 WILL BE SPECIFICALLY MARKED AS SUCH Class 3 items are suitable for inclusion in retail jewelry. This class includes all materials that are not listed in Class 1 or Class 2 AND that contain less than 0.06% (600ppm) lead by weight. Dyes or surface coatings containing less than 0.06%(600 ppm) lead by weight

WE DO NOT KNOWINGLY SELL ANY BEADS THAT ARE CONSIDERED UNSUITABLE FOR RETAIL USE IN CALIFORNIA Any component that does not fit under Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 is not suitable to be used in jewelry for retail sale in the state of California. High lead content: any items with a known lead content higher than levels listed under Class 2 and Class 3 are not suitable to be used in jewelry for retail sale in California
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